Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lack of ZZZs and Peculiar Events

It's become more apparent that I'm being seriously sleep-deprived.  A lot of it has to do with under-grad bashes in my quad, in the wee hours, when I just want to get some "peace-full shut-eye".  After meetings with several heads of depts. and an over-night stay last Friday at a different dorm room, I've decided that although said dorm room is by far more satisfying in terms of endless screaming and shouting, it just ain't a fit - dagnabbit. 

My King's home has become my castle....and in pretty decent nick when I landed. The other suite looks like a bad hangover in the Projects, with no heat to boot.  The room is at the end of a hall, next to a public parameter wall and I couldn't help but imagine that I was going to wake-up to a perv standing in front of my ground-floor window. 

So I've purchased a set of pretty groovola ear-phones and soft buds for those really necessary times.  Although, I resent having to do this, as it is bad ear health for anyone, let alone a musician!  A real NO-NO!!

All said, I'm trying to keep my sense of humour.  As you can see, I'm wearing my new head-set to ascertain what's going on behind my own door.  I think I'm really on to something here..yes, "London Calling" is cranked to 11 in there!!!  Must be new PC speaks! 

Last week I experienced glorious inspiration with a collaborative sing-song during observation of Dr. Adam Ockelford working with his client, Romy.  Romy is a truly gifted 11 year old savant, who with much care and mentorship might be just like her fore-runner, Derek Paravicini one day. I was very moved by the whole experience.

Sweet Ride #1 had to say its last prayers, as the safe-enough-to-ride bill came in at $117 pounds. Thus, it was off to the second-hand market online, and I came up with Sweet Ride #2:

Now the really weird story: I locked it up on Friday night after my PREMIER ride.  Immediately upon doing so, the lighting standard directly above my bike went "out".  I trekked in to Whitelands College to report this to security but nobody was at the desk, so I left a note to ask them to please fix the light and confirm that they were taking action back to me via phone. They did not.  Next day when I went out to ride my sweet ride, I was shocked and mortified to see that the lock was broken and dangling from the bike,
which remained!!  I guess the burglar didn't like mountain bikes! 
Or was it the elusive Whitelands Security guard showing me a good turn by demonstrating how useless my lock was????

My hands are beginning to look a little better than after my original allergic reaction to the lab gel/shampoo after the brain-wave experiment. 
But all is still not 100%. 

Nothing a little Indian curry won't cure!  And don't forget the Hallowe'en lemon and slime Jaffa cakes, all washed down by a tall, dark and handsome Italian named, Peroni.  Ah - does life get any better?

So, I had my first official meeting with my dissertation tutor today - he is a lovely fellow whose first pointer was to ask me to calm down.  Guess my sleep deprivation and nerves were really getting the better of me.  Then he assured me that I was not to worry so much.  Nor am I to be dabbling in all these extra courses I've been under-taking.  Too much learning makes RL's brain a mushy sponge.  After all, I'm on the edge at breaking point, and I am still just a little over half-way thru term #1. 

So I must away now to read, read, read. 
And hopefully an early night to catch up on much-deserved sheepzzzzzzzzz. 

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