Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurdles and Rewards

Ok. Let's just begin by saying that applying for an overseas study program ain't as easy as one may think.  And even if you are of an English-speaking nation applying to an English-speaking nation school, there can be miscommunications with regard to language and culture.

One must be ready to clear these hurdles and as frustrating as it may seem, to remember to "breathe" through each new adversity with the inner knowledge that it will all work out in the proverbial wash.
Yesterday's blunders are today's successes!

Negative: A communication error with regard to "what" course I was supposed to be enrolled in,
Positive:  Easily fixed by head administrator
Negative:  Tuition fees looked absorbetent with fixed mistake.
Positive:  Vice-Chancellor scholarship awarded to off-set tuition! 
Negative:  Changes to CAS will affect my student visa...does this mean I have to reapply at another $500?  Does this mean I can't fly and will have to burn my ticket next weekend to wait on Homeland Security again?  Does this mean I'll be late for school? 

Stay tuned for this week's cliff-hanger to be solved and resolved.

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