Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pre-Frosh/Freshers Flight 2012, Roehampton UNI, UK

OK...Sunday; End of week #1, Lovin that UNI life!

So in one week, I've now experienced nightly loud, crazy parties 'til crack o' dawn, getting lost on the tube system, falling down a flight of stairs at Hammersmith Station (my international youthful photo team in tow gasping, "OMG, Granny's fallen from the train!"), near misses with misplaced room/dorm access card, cheap but free wine/dinners, PC tech issues, CAS/immigration issues, student ambassador issues, and even a ZIT!!  Heaven forbid, it's just before UK Freshers (US/Cdn. FROSH) Week here!! 

It's been a slice o' Heaven to be surrounded by new ideas, brimming youthful vivacity and curiosity, and just sheer wayward playfulness.  Oh yes, and then there's the BOY chases GURL stuff!  Just crazy LUST!  Lotsa fun to watch!  heehee....oh, I remember when...

Have settled in somewhat, but am still striving to make a dorm room my "home sweet home"...all very difficult to do with one Woogie and a Rusty-bum amiss.

Stay well and grand; Over and out -


Karen Roussy said...

Sounds like a typical RL Stephenson week - good to hear from you and looking forward to following your adventures! Cheers.

Marg Hamilton said...

Rhonda....glad to hear your life over the pond is taking on it's own 'groove'. Hopefully, even with all the fun and frivolity, you enjoy the course and come home ready to take on a new mission for you and the world around you, girl!